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The Lijiang 2418 Inn (Lijiang Qianli Zoudanji 2418 Kezhan) is located in Ancient Dayan Town within easy reach of Sifang Street, in Lijiang.

Renovated from a patrimonial residence, this Lijiang hotel is equipped with many Ming and Qing Dynasties furniture. In its courtyard, there are about 80 potted orchids, and superior puer tea is also ready for guests. Two guestrooms are prepared for sightseeing, in which guests may enjoy the views of Yulong Snow Mountain and ancient Lijiang city. Kitchen ware are also ready for guests.

In addition, there is an excellent teahouse for relaxation.
 Lijiang 2418 Inn adress: 36 Xinhua Street (Huangshan Xiaduan) 
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